GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric


GORE® chemical splash fabric provides a combination of liquid splash protection and breathable comfort. Used in garments certified to NFPA 1992, this fabric allows your body to breathe, reducing heat stress and improving productivity. Unlike vinyl or rubber suits, garments made with lightweight GORE® chemical splash fabric allow you to work a full shift without becoming overheated. Seam-sealed penetration resistance gives you time to evacuate an area and reach an emergency shower.

Benefits of GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric

  • Certified protection against liquid splash from a wide range of chemicals
  • Increased comfort and productivity
  • Longer garment life  
  • Durable performance even after exposure to heat

Typical Applications

  • Chemical handling, packaging, and distribution
  • Food and beverage production
  • Hazardous manufacturing processes, such as batteries, explosives, fertilizers, and petrochemicals
  • Metalworking and plating operations
  • Mining/leaching operations
  • Pulp and paper processing

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