High Visibility for Garments


If you work outdoors at dusk or at night, high-visibility clothing is a must. But grease and grime can reduce a fabric’s reflective ability, putting you at risk for serious accidents.

Our high-visibility fabrics are uniquely engineered to maintain their reflective properties for the life of the gear. High-visibility membranes are sealed inside our fabric, preventing dirt particles and water from becoming entangled with the membrane. Lightly soiled garments can be wiped down on the job; heavily soiled clothing can be easily restored to its original state by washing. This durable construction maintains high visibility for the life of the garment without compromising the fabric’s breathability.


  • Excellent visibility in dark conditions
  • Increased comfort from high breathability
  • Easy to clean

Typical Applications

  • Law enforcement garments
  • EMS garments
  • Technical rescue garments