Flame Resistance


Our flame-resistance technologies enable fabrics to provide heat and flame protection by balancing flame resistance, thermal insulation, and thermal stability, without sacrificing breathable comfort. These durable fabrics maintain their protective qualities even after exposure to DEET, petroleum, oils, and lubricants often encountered in aviation, law enforcement, and firefighting environments. Our newest development, GORE® PYRAD® Flame Retardant Technology, delivers enhanced flame resistance due to self-extinguishing properties when exposed to flash-fire conditions.


  • Enhanced heat- and flame-protection
  • Improved breathability

Typical Applications

  • Military flame-resistant environmental ensemble (FREE)
  • Military fuel-handler coverall
  • Military tents

Featured Products

Flame-Resistant Fuel-Handler Coverall

Breathable comfort with excellent antistatic and burn protection

Fire-Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE)

Fire protection and breathable comfort in extreme weather