Air Permeability for Sleep Systems

Sleep system

When deployed in cold, miserable conditions, you often have only a sleeping bag for shelter. Standard-issue bags only cover three-quarters of your body, leaving your head vulnerable to the elements. By using GORE-TEX fabric with our new air-permeable technology, our partners have developed a new bivouc sack that can be completely sealed, providing you with better protection and insulation.

This air-permeable technology allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to flow freely in and out of the bag, while the GORE-TEX fabric blocks rain and water from entering the bag. You can breathe easily inside, and remain protected from the harsh conditions outside. The result is a lighter weight and less bulky sleep system that’s easy to transport.


  • Continuous breathable comfort
  • Easier maneuverability with light-weight and fast-pack technology
  • Durable protection with rugged waterproof, windproof construction

Typical Applications

  • US military bivouc sacks
  • US military tents