Fabrics that do what we say they will do. We have combined innovative thinking and the latest fabric technology for unique applications around the world.

  • GORE-TEX Products

    The durably waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric that keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable in a wide range of climates.

  • GORE® CROSSTECH® Products

    The leading fabric that combines breathability and durable liquid penetration resistance against blood, body fluids, common chemicals, and water.


    The fabric that combines windproof performance with maximum breathability to keep you warm and comfortable with fewer layers and less bulk.

  • GORE® CHEMPAK® Products


    Durable fabrics that provide enhanced functionality for chemical and biological environments.

  • GORE® PARALLON™ Liner System

    More than a simple enhancement in turnout gear — it’s a revolutionary shift in what’s possible.

  • GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2

    The GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2 delivers the improved comfort you want, the certified protection you need, and the reliability you expect, so you can answer each call with confidence and comfort.

Other GORE® Products

  • GORE® RT7100 Moisture Barrier

    Breathable moisture barrier that provides certified protection with an excellent combination of performance and value

  • GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric

    A fabric that provides liquid splash protection without sacrificing comfort

  • GORE® Covers

    Waste-treatment fabrics that improve the quality of degraded material, while retaining odors and microbes

Enhanced Capabilities

  • High Visibility for Garments

    High-visibility garments are essential if you work in traffic.

  • Antistatic Protection in Garments

    Working around petrochemicals and fuels safely requires static-free garments.

  • Flame Resistance

    Protection against heat and flames with breathable comfort help you stay engaged longer.

  • Extended Comfort in Footwear

    If you wear boots all day, you need maximum comfort and protection for long periods of time over a wide range of conditions.

  • Air Permeability for Sleep Systems

    Sleeping outside in cold, wet conditions can compromise your ability to perform your mission.