Work Wear Applications

Personal protective equipment (PPE) designed with GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology delivers an optimal combination of protection, comfort, and durability for oil and gas and electrical utility environments. Garments offer durable resistance to flame, while offering an unsurpassed combination of environmental protection, breathable comfort and minimal bulk.

The unique engineering of GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology extinguishes flames as they are encountered, so that the fabric does not continue to burn. This technology reduces potential exposure to burns to the body and increases thermal protective performance (TPP) without an additional flame-retardant liner.


Oil & Gas

GORE-TEX PYRAD® products deliver an optimal combination of protection, comfort, and durability for Oil & Gas industrial applications.


When you need to focus on restoring customer service, you need rainwear that protects you and enables you to work for longer periods without being distracted by challenging weather conditions. Rainwear made with GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric provides the best combination of broad protection, comfort, and durability for arc-flash rated, foul-weather protection.

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