Promises about quality are one thing; proof is another. At Gore, we certify the quality of all products that carry our name — from understanding the conditions in which the product will be used and constructing the fabric through manufacturing and testing the final product.

Your Needs

Soldier in wet climate

We engineer every barrier based on the concept of fitness for use, which means delivering the best product that meets or exceeds the demands of a specific application.

When developing a protective barrier, we collaborate with your team to fully understand the environments in which you work, the challenges you experience, and the hazards you face. These hazards may be the rugged terrain of the battlefield, extreme temperatures of a fire, blood or body fluids at an accident scene, or chemical warfare agents at a terrorist incident.

We combine this understanding with an extensive knowledge of membrane technology to engineer a barrier fit for each application. As a result of this collaborative approach, we continue to engineer premier barriers that exceed standards in providing the best breathable protection against the potential hazards that you may encounter.

Fabric Development


We engineer our fabrics starting with the expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane to provide breathable protection for technical applications. We often tailor the protective qualities of the fabric based on the conditions of your application. Gore collaborates with a worldwide network of suppliers for raw materials, yarns, and fabrics — all to ensure that we begin with the highest quality components possible.

If critical points, such as seams, are ignored, a garment, boot, or glove cannot ensure waterproof protection. We have specifically engineered GORE-SEAM® tape and a patented seam-sealing process to ensure waterproof protection. We provide our partners with this technology and the necessary training to ensure that the end products deliver durable waterproof protection.

Partner Support


At Gore, we have developed performance standards for every style of garment, boot, and glove manufactured with our fabrics. These standards set forth protection and comfort requirements based on the activities you will perform and the environmental conditions you will encounter while wearing the product. They also include specifications for seam sealing, other aspects of the product, and appropriate testing methods. Only manufacturers that comply with our standards can become an official Gore partner.

These certified manufacturers can rely on our ongoing support. In addition to advising and training their staff about our materials, machinery, and knowledge, we collaborate with them during new product development and production and assist in optimizing their processes.

To ensure consistency, we provide on-site testing equipment, and we regularly compare samples from the company’s production line with approved prototypes.