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Breathable Protection from Harsh and Inclement Weather with GORE-TEX Fabric


Sometimes you need to be warm and protected against heavy rain or snow. This is where GORE-TEX fabric comes in. This fabric is completely waterproof, which keeps you dry. GORE-TEX fabric is also windproof — another key part of staying warm — and it is breathable, helping you stay comfortable by allowing perspiration vapor to escape. These fabrics are available in a reversible construction with a choice of solid or high-visibility colors on one side and a number of camouflage prints on the other.

Breathable Protection from Cold and Wind with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Fabric


When it’s windy and cold, GORE® WINDSTOPPER® fabric is your solution. One of the biggest factors in staying warm on a cold day is wind chill, because wind and cold air combine to increase heat loss from the body. GORE® WINDSTOPPER® fabric slows down heat loss by protecting you completely from the wind, keeping you comfortable longer during exposure to a wide range of weather conditions — wind, cold, and light rain or snow. GORE® WINDSTOPPER® fabric is our most breathable product, meaning you don’t have to continually add or remove layers to be comfortable.

Protection from Chemical and Biological Hazards with GORE® CHEMPAK® Fabric


For CBRN incidents, you need to respond quickly and remain engaged, confident you are protected against potential exposure to harmful warfare agents or chemicals. Durable GORE® CHEMPAK® fabrics deliver excellent protection while you move freely and remain engaged longer than traditional ensembles. Also, these durable fabrics give added confidence that the suit and its seams will stay intact.

Breathable Protection from Blood and Body fluids with GORE® CROSSTECH® Fabric


As a patrol officer, you are required to respond to many different types of calls that often involve close human contact. You need to know that you are protected from potential exposure to liquids, blood, body fluids, and chemicals. Certified to NFPA 1999 for emergency medical technicians, garments made with GORE® CROSSTECH® fabric resist penetration of these potential hazards. In addition, breathable GORE® CROSSTECH® fabrics keep you comfortable by allowing perspiration vapor to escape from your body.

The Gore Advantage


Having outerwear that withstands the conditions in which you work depends on the quality of the fabrics’ construction and the manufacturing process of the garment. For 35 years, W. L. Gore & Associates has been a pioneer in developing high-performance barrier fabrics for first responder and military applications. At Gore, we work closely with our licensed manufacturers during initial product design, rigorous laboratory and field testing, and final product performance — all to ensure that you can be confident your outerwear does what we say it will do.

Warning: No products, including garments, footwear, and gloves, protect completely, even when new; their protective performance will decline with wear, tear, abrasion, and other damage associated with use.