GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear Highly breathable, waterproof protection for all seasons


GORE-TEX extended comfort footwear provides maximum comfort in extended climate ranges with a revolutionary single-layer boot wall construction. This level of breathability provides the opportunity to have one pair of boots for all seasons, including summer.

GORE-TEX extended comfort footwear protects feet from exposure to rain and inclement weather while allowing moisture vapor to escape from the boot, keeping your feet dry and more comfortable. Proven in lab tests to retain 90 percent less water than non-waterproof warm weather boots, this innovative footwear provides durable waterproof protection without sacrificing breathable comfort.

The unique single-wall construction offers lighter weight and faster drying boots that allow you to wear them longer in hot and cold environments.

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Gore fabrics are an essential component for protecting your feet and keeping them dry and comfortable.
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WARNING: No products, including garments, footwear, and gloves, protect completely, even when new; their protective performance will decline with wear, tear, abrasion, and other damage associated with use.