ChemBio PPE

When responding to a CBRN incident, you need to be fully protected from exposure to dangerous contaminants. Our line of ChemBio fabrics allow you to remain engaged longer while providing a high level of protection against a broad range of toxic industrial chemicals, chemical agents, biological agents, and infectious diseases such as Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

Protective Suits

For hazardous chemical and terrorist incidents, you need to be confident that you will be protected from potential exposure. NFPA standards set forth different levels of protection, depending on whether the contaminant concentration is above or below a level immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH). Consequently we tailor our fabrics to meet a variety of different situations, whether you’re working in the hot zone (contaminant concentrations above IDLH) or warm zone (contaminant concentrations below IDLH).

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    Check out suits made with durable GORE® CHEMPAK® and GORE® CROSSTECH® fabrics that allow you to move freely, confident that the suit and its seams will stay intact. 

  • Why Our Fabrics?

    Our line of barrier fabrics offer certified, enhanced functionality in chemical and biological environments.

  • Heat Stress Management

    Wearing protective garments in environments with high temperatures and humidity can increase your heat stress, resulting in shorter times on scene.

  • Standards – NFPA and NIJ

    Learn more about the standards that relate to your ChemBio PPE gear, specifically NIJ and NFPA 1994, 1991, and 1992.

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Gore fabrics are an essential component in improving your comfort and protection.
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Featured Products

Ruggedized Class 3 Suit

Respond confidently during tactical entry or search & rescue operations in contaminated environments

Extended Response Team (XRT) Suit

When you need to respond quickly to a possible threat and safely remain engaged, the XRT suit is the one for you.

Security & Border Protection / CST & CBRNE Source Book

What's New

Read about Gore’s current and future developments in certified protective fabrics in the Winter issue.

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Learn more about the suits made with GORE® CHEMPAK® and GORE® CROSSTECH® fabrics.

Your ChemBio ensemble isn’t complete without protection for your hands. However, you can’t afford to compromise dexterity or tactility on the mission. The G9492 glove system with GORE® CHEMPAK® ultra barrier fabric offers superior protection from ChemBio warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. While wearing these gloves, you can operate weapons, rescue tools, and electronics more easily while maintaining the needed protection.

  • Why Our Fabric?

    You need to be protected from CBRN contaminants not only on your body but on your hands too — especially if you’re going to handle objects that may be contaminated. Our fabrics protect you and your hands so you can focus on responding.

  • Standards — NFPA 1994, Class 2 and 3 and NFPA 1992

    NFPA standards provide the necessary guidance to ensure maximum protection against contaminants.

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Gore fabrics provide unsurpassed combination of protection and dexterity.
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  • GORE® CHEMPAK® products - G9492 Glove System