Law Enforcement Durable Protection in a Variety of Environments

Head-to-toe protection helps keep you focused on the mission.

  • Patrol Officers

    When out on patrol, you are constantly moving in and out of your vehicle. Our products are durable, lightweight, and highly breathable, providing long-lasting protection in the worst conditions while keeping your comfortable for the entire shift. So whether you need a duty jacket to protect you from cold and rain or boots to keep your feet dry and comfortable, Gore has you covered.

  • SWAT/Tactical Officers

    As a SWAT officer, you spend long hours in harsh weather with the potential of being exposed to hazardous chemicals and warfare agents. Garments and footwear using our fabrics keep you more comfortable, mobile, and protected.

  • ChemBio PPE

    When responding to a CBRN incident, you need to be fully protected from exposure to dangerous contaminants. Our line of ChemBio fabrics allow you to remain engaged longer while providing a high level of protection against a broad range of toxic industrial chemicals, chemical agents, and biological agents.