The performance of traditional turnout gear usually requires a tradeoff between thermal protection and breathability. Increasing one typically means giving up some aspect of the other. Now it’s possible to achieve unparalleled levels of breathability, while also preventing serious drops in thermal protection that can occur as your gear gets wet, particularly from sweat.

This new level of breathability and enhanced thermal protection is only achievable with the GORE® PARALLON™ liner system — a unique multi-barrier liner system that replaces the moisture barrier and thermal liner in convention gear.

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More Consistent Thermal Protection


As you know, water in your turnout gear can significantly affect performance, potentially causing serious drops in thermal protection. In ordinary fire ground conditions, the unique multi-barrier configuration of the GORE® PARALLON™ liner system allows gear to maintain its thermal protection better when it gets wet.

When tested for an indicated time to 2nd degree burn in an ordinary fireground heat exposure (i.e., 0.2 cal/cm2sec), wet conventional gear lost 34 percent of its thermal protection compared to when it was dry. However, the GORE® PARALLON™ liner system lost only 4 percent, remaining relatively unchanged after it became wet.

Higher Breathability to Manage Heat Stress Better


The environmental conditions in which you work can cause your body core temperature to rise, and even small increases can impair your performance and potentially affect your safety and effectiveness. The GORE® PARALLON™ liner system enables your turnout gear to deliver unparalleled breathability across the broadest range of conditions — a level beyond what is available today in NFPA 1971 compliant gear. Achieving the lowest resistance to your sweat vapor transmission through your gear, this liner system helps to reduce the physical strain of working in turnout gear and minimize potential increases in your body core temperature.

Read about the latest third-party human trial that proves the performance of GORE® PARALLON™ liner system.

Physiological Impact Study

The GORE® PARALLON™ liner system -- A revolutionary new product from Gore

Maintains thermal protection better when your gear gets wet

A new level of breathability beyond what is available today

GORE® PARALLON™ liner system

Q&A about GORE® PARALLON™ liner system

Fire Engineering

Read the September 2015 Technology Today article “The GORE® PARALLON™ Liner System.

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Having turnout gear that withstands the harsh conditions in which you work depends on the quality of the fabrics’ construction and the manufacturing process of the gear. For more than 35 years, W. L. Gore & Associates has been a pioneer in developing high-performance protective barriers for fire, EMS, military, law enforcement, and CBRN applications. At Gore, we work closely with our gear manufacturers during initial gear design, rigorous laboratory and field testing, and final product performance — all to ensure that the protective barrier in your turnout gear does what we say it will do.


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