Why Our Fabrics?

Working at an emergency scene exposes you to all sorts of liquids, chemicals, and blood and body fluids. Your gloves need to be durable enough to withstand abrasive surfaces, sharp objects, and other things that might cut, puncture, or tear them. Gloves with Gore inserts offer the highest level of protection, breathability, and liquid penetration resistance, while exceeding the durability requirements of NFPA 1999 for work gloves.

Durable Protection From Liquids

When responding to an emergency call, you know you will probably encounter hazardous liquids. It’s important, then, to make sure that your gloves can protect you from exposure to these contaminants. GORE® CROSSTECH® glove inserts protect you from water, blood, body fluids, and NFPA common accident-scene chemicals. They also meet NFPA 1999 requirements for viral penetration resistance.


Certified Protection Against Physical Hazards

NFPA-certified gloves allow you to focus on the task at hand by providing protection against cuts and punctures. When your hands bend and flex, the protective barrier rubs against the outer shell. Durable GORE® CROSSTECH® glove inserts resist this type of abrasion better than breathable polyurethane barriers.

Dexterity for Greater Functionality

At many emergency scenes, you need to be able to use tools and equipment easily. Gloves made with our inserts provide better feel and fit than structural gloves, while maintaining certified protection not available with non-barrier gloves.

The Gore Advantage

Having gloves that withstand the conditions in which you work depends on the quality of the fabrics’ construction and the manufacturing process of the garment. For 35 years, W. L. Gore & Associates has been a pioneer in developing high-performance barrier fabrics for first responder and military applications. At Gore, we work closely with our licensed manufacturers from initial product design to rigorous laboratory and field testing, and through to final product performance — all to ensure that you can be confident that your gloves do what we say they will do.

Warning: No products, including garments, footwear, and gloves, protect completely, even when new; their protective performance will decline with wear, tear, abrasion, and other damage associated with use.