Fire & Safety Stay protected in challenging conditions.

Personal protective clothing with the premier barriers for firefighters and safety personnel.

  • Structural Firefighting

    Firefighters need to be protected from the hazardous conditions that they encounter. In addition, a number of NFPA standards and regulations have to be met. All of our products for structural firefighting exceed NFPA standards and have a high level of durable protection while still offering outstanding comfort.

  • ChemBio

    As a firefighter, you may be called to respond to emergencies that involve potential exposure to toxic industrial chemicals or chemical and biological agents. Chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear (CBRN) ensembles made with GORE® CHEMPAK® fabrics provide you with a high level of protection against these dangerous contaminants.

  • Technical Rescue

    Less than 20 percent of today’s fire department calls are for structural fires, so technical rescue gear is often better suited for daily responses because it manages heat stress better. As the only liquid barrier used in NFPA-compliant technical rescue gear, GORE® CROSSTECH® S/R fabric offers unparalleled breathability while meeting the liquid protection needs of technical response.

  • EMS

    Over half of fire department calls are for medical emergencies, and in today’s world it’s important for you to be protected against the hazards associated with blood and body fluids. NFPA-compliant gear using our specialized GORE® CROSSTECH® EMS fabric combines unparalleled comfort with durable protection against blood and body fluids.

GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2

After the Smoke Clears, we see the Future of Protection

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Featured Products

Ruggedized Class 3 Suit

Respond confidently during tactical entry or search & rescue operations in contaminated environments

GORE® PARALLON™ Liner System

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Heat Stress Management

Working in the hot sun can pose significant heat stress challenges.

Physiological Impact Study

Study showed GORE® protective barriers delivered the highest breathability