GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology Durably waterproof and form fitting offering enhanced freedom of movement

GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology products allow you to feel more comfortable in motion outdoors, in warmer or cooler weather, without a need to compromise on weather protection, fit or style. The unique, proprietary fabric design is based on "low force-to-stretch" with outstanding recovery offering a reduction in thermal burden, increased breathability and optimal comfort.

When added to a jacket in strategic locations, such as across the back and/or on the elbows, it allows for an athletic, close fit in warm climates where insulation isn't needed. At the same time, the fabric can stretch and expand to accommodate insulation layers in colder conditions.

Gore Technologies

GORE-TEX Products

The durably waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric that keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable in a wide range of climates.

Durably Waterproof & Windproof

Low Force to Stretch

Durable Stretch & Recovery

Resistant to DEET, Petroleum, Oils, & Lubricants

Durable to Tear & Abrasion




  • Low force to stretch with highly elastic properties
  • Form fitting, athletic construction that offers enhanced freedom of movement
  • Minimizes compression of under layers to ensure thickness of insulation is maintained and user warmth is not compromised
  • Mechanically durable to tear and abrasion


  • Durable weather protection ensures user and under layers remain dry and comfortable


  • Reduces the accumulation of sweat so the wearer stays cool during activity and warm during cool-down
  • Extends the range of utility to warmer conditions


  • Maintains protection over time, even after exposure to DEET, JP-8, petroleum, oils and lubricants


Product designed with GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology is currently available through the following outlets:

Outdoor Research


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