Massif® Battleshield™ & Battleshield X™ Durable and highly breathable with enhanced flame protection

Massif® Battleshield™ and Battleshield X™ products with GORE® FR Stretch Technology deliver lightweight, highly breathable, and extremely durable tactical garments to wearers who also require enhanced protection in flash-fire incidents.

The GORE® FR Stretch Technology provides multi-directional stretch for greater user comfort, protection from wind and light rain exposure, along with unparalleled breathability. The Massif® Battleshield™ textiles deliver novel durable flame resistance in a soft and comfortable form. The combined result of these technologies is the highest quality, most comfortable, heat and flame resistant softshell garments available.

Battleshield™ and Battleshield X™ are featured in a wide array of products designed and manufactured by Massif®.

User Benefits:

  • Breathable and comfortable – reduces overheating and chilling from moisture retention and reduces user fatigue
  • Superior durability – reduces life cycle costs
  • Stretch functionality – features multidirectional stretch for mobility and comfort
  • Water resistant and windproof – protects user from wind and rain penetration
  • Flame resistant – provides burn protection

Battleshield™ Fabric Construction

This fabric features a knit lining.

Nomex is a registered trademark of Dupont.

Battleshield X™ Fabric Construction

This fabric features a fleece lining.

Nomex is a registered trademark of Dupont.


Massif Battleshield™ and Battleshield X™ fabrics are available for purchase through Massif. The following products include Battleshield™ and Battleshield X™ fabrics.

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