Lightweight Loft Level 3B Durably water-resistant and lightweight cold weather clothing system

The light weight loft system is designed to be worn as a stand-alone garment or as an insulation layer with a cold-weather clothing system. The garment is constructed with an innovative GORE® Defense Fabrics shell and a PrimaLoft® Fusion insulation layer. SOCOM has adopted this fabric combination in the new Protective Combat Uniform Level 3B product.

This combination of technologies provides faster and smaller pack volume, quick dry-out, and improved weather protection. It delivers enhanced utility over conventional systems, while enabling users to operate more effectively in a wide range of climates and weather conditions.

Best Combination of:

  • Durable water resistance
  • Fast packing
  • High breathability
  • Quick dry-out time

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  • End User Benefits

    Air Permeable

    Faster to pack with reduced volume to provide greater maneuverability; packs in its own pocket

    Durably Water-Resistant

    Keeps insulation drier longer and provides enhanced warmth; minimal water penetration and water pick-up, which reduces weight and increases comfort; water-resistant after wear and wash

    Durably Windproof

    Reduces wind-chill factor, providing increased warmth and comfort

    Moisture Vapor Permeable

    High breathability, which improves comfort and speeds dry-out of under layers, allowing for more effective extended operations

  • PrimaLoft® is a registered trademark of Albany International Corp.


This product is not commercially available. Contact GORE® Defense Fabrics for details.

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