FR Lightweight Loft Jacket Lightweight, breathable comfort with protection against flash-fire

The FR Lightweight Loft Jacket features an innovative GORE® Defense Fabrics shell with GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology, and a PrimaLoft® Fusion insulation layer. This jacket offers improved weather protection in cold conditions combined with enhanced protection against heat and flame threats.

The GORE® Defense Fabrics shell is highly breathable, durably water-resistant and windproof offering faster and smaller pack volume, quick dry out, and an insulation for enhanced protection in cold weather.

GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology is a revolutionary, self-extinguishing technology providing durable protection against heat and flame exposure. The technology minimizes burn injury, while offering a high level of thermal protection as manifested in the 4-second PyroMan™ test, and other laboratory testing techniques (flash fire - ASTM F1930, arc flash - ASTM F1959).

About GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology

  • Self-extinguishing properties counter flash fire and arc flash exposure
  • Maintains physical integrity, even after exposure
  • Lightweight, flexible, and drapable
  • Prevents electrostatic discharge with static dissipation properties
  • Effective whether laminated to nylon, polyester, or other fabrics
  • Ability to incorporate high visibility (HIVIS) colors


How it works


The FR Lightweight Loft Jacket is available for purchase through Wild Things:

(877) 984-4647

Wild Things

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