Advanced Chemical/Biological Sock

The Advanced CB sock, made with breathable GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Fabric, is designed to be worn underneath the traditional combat boot, eliminating the need for a bulky overboot. The Advanced CB Sock delivers broad protection and, because no overboot is needed, maneuverability and traction closer to that of the combat boot worn by itself.

The Advanced CB Sock offers protection against a broad range of threats, including Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals, and Biological hazards. Additionally, by eliminating the necessity to wear a bulky overboot, the soldier is afforded improved maneuverability and traction; nearer to that of just wearing the combat boot alone. This is achieved because the Advanced CB sock is extremely thin and lightweight, and requires no upsizing in footwear. Additionally, the breathability delivered by the fabric used provides comfort and minimizes sweat build-up, allowing the soldier to focus on the task at hand.

Gore Technologies

GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Fabric

Enhanced Functionality in Chemical Biological Environments

Improved traction and maneuverability

The thin, lightweight CB Sock is designed to be worn under the traditional combat boot. No bulky overboot is needed. This allows the soldier to experience traction and maneuverability nearer to that of the combat boot alone.

Reduced heat stress

The breathable nature of the CB Sock allows for reduced heat stress and sweat build-up.

Reduced Logistical burden

The CB Sock is lightweight and highly packable, allowing for easier transportation and reduced storage volume.

Multiple wash/wear capability

The stable nature of the barrier in the Gore Chempak Fabric allows for machine wash and re-use if the sock has not been exposed to toxic chemicals or
other hazards.