Operational Rescue Containment Apparatus (ORCA)

The Model ORCA-2016CN Clinical Unit is a portable Patient Isolation Unit (PIU) designed to prevent chemical and particulate (biological and radiological) cross-contamination between an enclosed patient and the external environment during evacuation and transport activities. It has been optimized for use in marine environments and for hoisting operations employing the Stokes litter. Use of the ORCA-2016CN allows safe transport of contaminated patients who have been medically stabilized, while protecting boat and cutter crews, aircrews, passengers, auxiliary care providers, and transport assets. The ORCATM Clinical Unit is intended for:

  1. Isolated transport of medically stabilized patients on aircraft, ambulances, ships, or any vehicle capable of safely transporting a patient on either a Stokes or a NATO standard litter.
  2. Use with the Stokes litter to hoist and evacuate patients from ships or other marine platforms by rotary wing aircraft.
  3. Temporary isolation with or without transport of patients within hospitals or other medical facilities.

Gore Technologies

GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Fabric

Enhanced Functionality in Chemical Biological Environments


The ORCA is approved and available for purchase through the following outlet.

Contract: GS-07F-037GA

GSA Advantage