Multi-Threat Suit Protection against ChemBio hazards during physically demanding missions

For those physically demanding missions in a ChemBio hazardous environment, the Multi-Threat suit made with GORE® CHEMPAK® ultra barrier fabric is the solution. This durable fabric provides long-lasting protection so you can move easily through rugged terrain and abrasive environments to reach the most challenging emergency scenes.

Multi-Threat suits, made with GORE® CHEMPAK® ultra barrier fabric, are ideal for completing physically demanding missions in a chemical or CBRN hazardous environment. Multi-Threat suits use a lightweight protective barrier and durable construction to provide hot-zone protection while also providing the ease and range of motion necessary to respond to challenging incidents. These suits are certified to the NFPA 1992 and NFPA 1994 Class 2 standards.

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GORE® CHEMPAK® Ultra Barrier Fabric

Enhanced Functionality in Chemical Biological Environments