We challenge our fabrics and our partners’ products by testing them in our labs and in your environment.

Unique to our industry, we operate several technical development laboratories with testing equipment comparable to that of independent institutes. In these labs, we develop and test new GORE® fabrics, and we further refine manufacturing technologies. We develop targeted testing methods to ensure that our products meet our performance standards.

We also use climate chambers to verify that our fabrics withstand the harsh environments in which they will be used: arctic cold, chilly drizzle, storms, and tropical or desert heat. Clothing, footwear, and gloves made with our fabrics are tested in these chambers while being worn during physical activity, to determine their effects on the human body.


Whether a soldier, firefighter, police officer, or EMT, you need protective gear that lasts.

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We make sure that our fabrics do what we say they will do, and do it better.

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W. L. Gore and Associates Gear

Field Trials

By immersing our products in the real world, we ensure they’re built to last and fit for use.

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