Next Generation

The next generation of technical fabrics maximizes comfort with durably performing textiles that are lighter weight, easier to pack, and faster drying. Garments will be designed by strategically placing multiple performance materials within different areas to optimize breathability, warmth and heat regulation for optimal comfort.

In addition, specialized fabrics are being engineered to provide enhanced protection against heat and flame, and chemical/biological protection from hazardous contaminants potentially encountered in the field.

Lightweight Loft Level 3B

Durably water-resistant and lightweight cold weather clothing system


Highly Tactile Flame-Retardant Combat Glove

Retains warmth in cool and wet conditions


Three-Season Sleep System with GORE-TEX® Bivy Cover

Optimized protection for today’s highly mobile forces


GORE-TEX® Shelter Fabric

Optimal combination of concealment, comfort, and lightweight durability