GORE-TEX® Products


GORE-TEX® products are engineered to keep you dry and comfortable in the most challenging weather conditions. Since the delivery of the first garments made with GORE-TEX® fabric in 1976, we have continued to improve and evolve to keep in step with the changing needs of our customers, while maintaining the core benefits of this fabric — durable waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection.

Benefits of GORE-TEX® Fabric

  • Long-lasting protection from inclement weather
  • Unsurpassed comfort with excellent breathability
  • Maximum durability in rugged conditions
  • Durable protection even after exposure to petroleum, oils, and other lubricants
  • Watertight, even after direct contact with heat

Typical Applications

  • Military outerwear
  • Military footwear
  • Military gloves
  • Law enforcement outerwear
  • Law enforcement footwear
  • Ballistic covers for body armor