Fabric Engineering

Drawing on more than 35 years of research in membrane technology, Gore has developed fabrics that provide protection not only from water, but also against blood, body fluids, chemicals, heat and flame, and many other hazards. When developing a protective barrier, we collaborate with users to fully understand the environments in which they work, the challenges they experience, and the hazards they face. These hazards may be the environmental conditions on the battlefield, extreme temperatures of a fire, chemicals and body fluids at an accident scene, or chemical warfare agents at a terrorist incident. We combine this understanding with our extensive knowledge of membrane technology to engineer a barrier fit for each application. As a result of this collaborative approach, we continue to engineer premier barriers that exceed standards in providing the best breathable protection against the potential hazards that you may encounter.


Our revolutionary ePTFE polymer has become the core of our unique fabric technologies that provide comfort and protection.

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By combining our membranes with high-performance textiles, we create durable fabrics customized for specific applications.

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Seam Sealing

To ensure complete waterproof protection means covering the smallest holes, even those made by sewing needles.

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