Why Our Fabric?

Liquid vs. Vapor Protection

GORE chemical protective fabricBecause the hazards of chemical exposure vary depending on the chemical’s state, one factor in selecting the right clothing depends on whether you need protection against liquid penetration or vapor permeation.

Durable Protection From Chemicals

Chemical protection suitsWhen working around corrosive liquid chemicals, you need to be protected against splash. Garments made with GORE® Chemical Splash fabrics provide liquid penetration resistance while allowing you to move freely and work comfortably. Protective clothing made from this unique fabric also gives you the time necessary to exit the area and get to an emergency shower in case of an accidental splash with a dangerous chemical.

Increased Productivity

GORE Chemical Splash fabricsUnlike traditional vinyl or rubber suits that are hot, heavy, and cumbersome, garments made with GORE® Chemical Splash fabrics provide protection while maintaining comfort. Protective clothing made from this fabric allows your perspiration to escape, which reduces heat stress and increases comfort. Since the fabric is lightweight and comfortable, it can be worn for a full shift without excessive overheating.

Performance Over Time

Chemical splash suits Durability is an important part of maintaining your protection. If your gear is exposed to high heat, rips or tears easily, or can’t withstand the elements of your working environment, your protective barrier can be compromised. Our protective fabrics combine tough, durable shells and liners to provide a long-lasting protective garment.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

When selecting garments to wear while working with chemicals, look beyond the initial investment. The durability of our washable and reusable fabrics delivers a long product life.

The Gore Advantage

GORE TEX Fabrics Wearing garments that withstand the conditions in which you work depends on the quality of the fabrics’ construction and the manufacturing process of the garment. For 30 years, W. L. Gore & Associates has been a pioneer in developing high-performance barrier fabrics for first responder and military applications. At Gore, we work closely with our licensed manufacturers from initial product design through rigorous laboratory and field testing and final product performance — all to ensure that you can be confident that your garments do what we say they will do.

Warning: No products, including garments, footwear, and gloves, protect completely, even when new; their protective performance will decline with wear, tear, abrasion, and other damage associated with use.